Does your growing business need a policy manual?

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The more employees your company has, the more important it becomes that you have uniform policies applied to all of your workers. Just skating by with a verbal explanation of your expectations may be possible when you have one or two staff members. However, once you have more than a few employees, but having a policy manual becomes an important part of growing your business.

A policy manual is a collection of documents about your company, its policies and even its expectations for employees. What impact does a policy manual have on your company’s operations and expansion?

A policy manual protects you from liability

When you have multiple employees doing different jobs for you, you need to have certain policies in place to protect yourself and the business from liability. Training about discrimination and harassment, as well as clearly stated zero-tolerance policies regarding employee misbehavior, are critical to protecting your company from discrimination or harassment claims in the future.

Additionally, a well-constructed policy handbook will give you grounds to discipline or terminate a worker who engages in inappropriate behavior. By having a written policy that details penalties, consequences and job termination, you will make it easier for your company to sever an employment relationship if necessary.

A policy manual helps guide your company culture as you grow

Creating a specific and unique policy manual for your company will influence the way that employees view your company and the jobs they perform. In the long-term, the right policies can have a positive effect on your overall culture at the company.

Getting legal help with what to include and how to phrase things in order to maximize the benefits of your policy manual can help you maximize the protection and benefits offered by these documents.