Woman faces vehicular manslaughter charge after crash

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California police have arrested a young woman after an accident in the Danville area which left two other people dead.

The woman is facing a felony DUI charge as well as a charge of vehicular manslaughter.

Members of the California Highway Patrol said that the woman was operating her vehicle on the wrong side of Interstate 680. As a result, she crashed into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

Both of the occupants of the other vehicle died at the scene of the head-on collision. The woman who is accused of these crimes also suffered injuries but is expected to survive. Police are continuing to investigate the accident and have asked for witnesses to come forward.

The vehicular manslaughter charge is particularly serious. Depending on the circumstances, the woman could face up to 10 years in prison is she is convicted. There a lot of facts which could mean the woman will face a lesser penalty.

Likewise, the woman could also receive a DUI conviction that will go on her record as a felony and could mean prison time as well as a lengthy license suspension and other penalties.

While these charges are quite serious, it is important to remember that the police and prosecutors must prove their case against the woman beyond a reasonable doubt.

Moreover, they will have to prove that their investigation was legal in all respects. Among other things, this will mean that any blood or breath test that they obtained from the woman was legal.

This young lady is looking at the possibility of having her life derailed. She will want to go over her legal options and possible defenses carefully.