Due diligence you should perform before buying a property

| Nov 8, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Conducting due diligence in real estate transactions is very important. If you are thinking of purchasing property, you should take reasonable measures before executing an agreement to purchase a property. This process entails assessing the risk associated with the property you intend to purchase and reviewing the documents to ensure no issues arise after you buy it.

Generally, the more information you have, the better. Below are some aspects of the transaction you should consider reviewing.

Check the legal capacity of the seller

The present owner should not be of unsound mind or a minor. If they are, then a legally-recognized person should act on their behalf. In addition, if the property has joint ownership, the co-owner shouldn’t object to the sale. 

Ensure all taxes are paid

You should check that the tax status of the property is updated. The seller must pay property taxes up for up until the transfer of ownership occurs.

Review the documents pertaining to the sale

You should carefully examine all the legal documents relating to the sale. For instance, a title search is necessary to ensure that you receive a title that is free from any defects in ownership.

Have the property inspected

A physical inspection of the property is also advisable before the purchase happens. There may be repairs that can be expensive to fix, and you may want those handled before you buy it. While you may enlist the services of a professional home inspector, it is good to be physically present so that you can get a good idea of the property’s condition in real-time.

Protect your buyer rights

If the seller has accepted your offer and you are under contract, you can legally terminate the agreement if you find something in your due diligence that cannot be fixed, like loud trains passing nearby or a high crime rate in the area. Learning more about your rights as a buyer will put you in a better position and protect your interests when purchasing a property.