Police allege they found shooter in fatal Concord shooting

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Being caught up in a homicide case is scary, but the consequences are the most severe. If one is convicted of murder, then in many states, including California, the state can put the convicted murderer to death. Even if a conviction does not result in a death penalty, the jail time will be measured in decades, not years. Now, a Pleasant Hill man is now living this nightmare firsthand.

Last week, police arrested the man because they believe he was the one that fatally shot a local in an industrial area of Concord. Las Monday, police reportedly responded to gunfire reports and discovered a gunshot victim. Unfortunately, they were not able to save the victim’s life.

The police have not indicated why they believe the Concord man shot the Pleasant Hill man, but they did indicate that it was not a random or gang related shooting. Regardless of their claimed reason though, the accused will need to “lawyer up” immediately. The entire weight of our state’s criminal justice system, with billions in their war chest, now has one singular purpose, convict the accused.

But, it is important for everyone know remember that the accused is innocent until the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he shot the victim. Until that point, he is innocent and has a right to a defense, but the key will be crafting a strong defense immediately to combat the drum beat towards conviction. This is where a criminal defense attorney can help, including investigating the case, finding alternative narratives, etc.