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Gagen McCoy Paralegal Honored As A Contra Costa Times "Hometown Hero" For Saving A Man's Life

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Gagen McCoy congratulates firm paralegal Maura Kelley, who was recognized by the Contra Costa Times as a “Hometown Hero” for saving the life of a man suffering cardiac arrest.

Maura, along with her husband Adolfo Peñaloza, were in their apartment in Walnut Creek last March when they heard yelling from the street.  It turns out Bob Hansen had gone into sudden cardiac arrest while driving home with his wife, Marti.  Marti got out of the car and started yelling for help.  Maura and Adolfo responded.  Adolfo began chest compressions, while Maura performed CPR until police and paramedics arrived.

"I don't really remember everything, but I just started to focus," Kelley said. "I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I remembered from training that you are supposed to sing (the disco song) "Staying Alive," to count compressions, so I was just singing to myself, and I just kept saying, 'Come on, buddy, breathe.'"

Hansen was taken to the hospital and survived.

Maura and Adolfo were chosen to receive the Walnut Creek Police Chief’s Award for their heroic efforts and were honored in May at the department’s annual awards ceremony.

"They did not hesitate to provide assistance to someone in need," said Officer Lee Herrington at the ceremony.  “Their lifesaving efforts were successful, and because of that (Mr. Hansen) is with us today."

For more about Maura’s heroics, the Contra Costa Times story can be found here:

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